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Around The Farm

Our front gate near the road in our front pasture. Sign was made by Lori Wood of
Keith with Rock-N-Ridge O2Be Moonstruck
Branch and Executive Branch Managers,Nova and Kane.
Cutter, our QH/Morgan cross gelding.
On the move!

Keith showing Majestic Muse TFP Masquerade at the Great Lakes Dairy Goat Jamboree 2016!

Enjoying the warm sun!
About Us
I purchased my first Nigerian Dwarf in 2010, a wether and a Pygmy wether companion for him. This was the beginning of my crazy goat addiction. As a child I always loved goats and all other animals. I was never a normal child, where most kids were busy watching cartoons and playing with dolls, I was busy learning about animals. It didn't matter the kind of animal, I wanted to learn about it. My face was constantly shoved in animal books, my grandmother used to gift me books from Readers Digest that were all about wildlife. I was a sponge. What time I didn't spend reading about animals I watched on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel through out the 90's.

I ventured into breeding ARBA pedigreed rabbits around the age of 15 until I was 21. Rabbits were nice but just wasn't my dream of owning goats. I phased out the rabbits and took the leap in 2010 after much more research into goats. The plan was that I'd be happy with just two pet wethers. I didn't care as long as I had goats. Boy was I wrong. I purchased my first registered doe in 2011 which was Rhythmic Acres Cosmic Stardust as a weanling. Shortly after I began my relationship with Keith Belonga. To my surprise he got bit by the caprine bug as well and I started finding other Nigerians that we liked and our herd began to grow.

We chose the name Rock-N-Ridge for our love of Rock-n-Roll music! This is why you will see music notes around here and there.

We still have a long way to go in this venture ahead to build our own herd line and our ideal goat. We strive to produce a very correct dairy animal that is small in stature with a ROCKIN udder! Firmly attached, large teats and can adequately produce milk. We do have quite a bit of flash in our herd as who doesn't like all the extra bells and whistles, but color and bling alone do not make a dairy animal. Any animal in our herd that doesn't hold its own will be moved out. I will not keep around an animal just because of its color alone.

We hope to be more active in the show ring these coming years. Being so far away from any sanctioned shows makes it a bit harder as we don't have a farm sitter so we have to carefully plan.
Nova,one of our Farm Guard Dogs!
Gritz, our Rocky Mountain gelding.
Rodent control Rufus.
There are many apple trees on our property which the goats love!

Goat kisses are the best kisses!

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is called "God's Country" for a darn good reason!