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Nigerian Does

Here you will find our Nigerian Does! None are for sale as these are our breeding stock. If you are looking for what we have for sale, please check out our for sale page! 


Rhythmic Acres Cosmic Stardust

                                                    3rd Freshening Udder
ADGA #: D1635032
DOB: 06/02/2011
Black and White

    SS: GCH AGS Dawnland Tabby's Halifax
S: Old Mountain Farm Preston
     SD: Old Mountain Farm Eleanor RW

      DS: AGS Critter Croft CH Brother
D: NorthwindPratt National Anthem
      DD: AGS Irish Whisper Moon Over Miami

Rhythmic Acres Nakita

         Nakita's 2nd Freshening Udder. Sadly this is after she dried off    
                      some having only a single buckling.

ADGA #: D1635033

DOB: 05/07/2012

Chocolate Buckskin

             SS: Sugar Creek WM You Bet
  S: Rhythmic Acres Hiphop Kid Rock

                SD: SG AGS Maple Ridge Melody

                      DS: Maple Ridge Farm Jed Clampett 

D: Maple Ridge Farm JC Savanna

                     DD: AGS Happy Tailz Ed Rivera Blue

Rhythmic Acres Irish Mist

ADGA # D1665645
DOB: 6/09/13
Light Buckskin with White

               SS: ARMCH Rosasharn's TL Cauldron
S: NC Promisedland RC Beaudacious *B
             SD: SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*M 3*D

            DS: Kaapio Acres Silver Bullet
D: Kaapio Acres SB Tuulikki
            DD: Kaapio Acres BT Tsunami

D Bar J Acres Windchill

Buckskin with Heavy White Overlay - Blue Eyes

DOB: 1-31-13

ADGA # D1627073

              SS: TX Twin Creeks WDF Megapixel 

                  S: Shere Country MP Connor   

      SD: Avian Acres WNR Ginger  


DS: Avian Acres NAT Zane

         D: D Bar J Acres Gracie

         DD: Dancing Angels Bittersweet  

Windchill's 2nd Freshening Udder

UP Pride Annie

Cou Clair -Random White - Blue Eyes

DOB: 08/01/13

AGS # D-69065 ADGA # D1686319


SS: Lost Valley JUM Finnigan

S: Muddy Creek Shaunessy

 SD: Muddy Creek BC Cimarron

DS: Springs Run Haiku's Yoshi

 D: Sugarcreek Yo Blue Yoko

      DD: Sugarcreek WK Xerces Blue  


Rock-N-Ridge O2Be Moonstruck

DOB: 3/05/16

ADGA # D1797318

Buckskin With Extensive Chocolate and Silver Moonspots, Wattles


SS: Rhythmic Acres Pokémon

S: Kei Ju Farm O2Be Like Me

SD: Rhythmic Acres Bonnie Blue


DS: Gypsy Moon Soothsayer

D: Gypsy Moon SS Twilight

DD: Rosasharn FS Moonbeam

Rock-N-Ridge O2Be Starstruck

DOB: 3/05/16

ADGA # D1797316P

Black and White, Moonspots, Polled, Wattles


SS: Rhythmic Acres Pokémon

S: Kei Ju Farm O2Be Like Me

SD: Rhythmic Acres Bonnie Blue


DS: Gypsy Moon Soothsayer

D: Gypsy Moon SS Twilight

DD: Rosasharn FS Moonbeam

Zanzabeez  DR  River  of  Dreams

ADGA # D1777769P

DOB: 3/01/15

Cou Clair with Extensive Brown and Silver Moonspots, Polled


SS: Phoenix Farm Bird on a Wire *B

S: Zanzabeez B Down on the River

SD: Zanzabeez BC At the Rivers End

DS: Olson Acres Zoot Suit Riot

D: Zanzabeez Iced Mocha

DD: Fairland Farm SM Java Jive

River's FF  Prefresh Udder shown to the left.

Rock-n-Ridge Luck Of The Irish 

ADGA # D1801021

DOB: 6/6/15

Chocolate Chamoisee/Cou Clair Combo, Blue Eyes


SS: CU At Lil Red Barn Uno

                 S: Rhythmic Acres Deuces Wild

SD: Old Mountain Farm Karenna


DS: AGS Muddy Creek Shaunessy

D: UP Pride Annie

DD: MI Sugarcreek YO Blue Yoko

Rock-N-Ridge HC Capella

ADGA # D1801019
Heavily Broken Buckskin

SS: Rosasharn Prince Liteningwhelk *B
S: Rosasharn Honey Cashew *B
SD: Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M

DS: Old Mountain Farm Preston
D: Rhythmic Acres Cosmic Stardust
DD: AGS NorthwindPratt National Anthem

Zanzabeez EO River X-Pedition

ADGA # 1829469
DOB: 5/24/16
Cou Clair with Random White and Roaning

SS: Rosasharn SH Epic
S: Jasper Pine An Epic Odyssey
SD: Jasper Pine SHH Dash of Pepper

DS: Dragonfly B Electra's Ironman
D: Irish Whisper IM River Dance
DD: Irish Whisper Pepper Salsa

Frostbitty Silver Fox

ADGA # 1622849
DOB: 3/14/12
Blue Roan

SS: NC Promisedland RC Obama
S: Shere Country OB Alejandro
SD: SilverAurora SB Xplicit

DS: Shere Country TR Zebedee
D: McClain's Flames Pegasus
DD: AGS Fall Creek TAL Morgan Le Fay

Sage-Acres Vin's Fancy Pants

 Co-Owned With MeadowMist Nigerians
ADGA # D1589960
DOB: 2/28/12

SS: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip
S: Old Mountain Farm Vinalhaven
SD: Bombahook Acres FI Bailey

DS: Camanna ZH PT Cruiser
D: Blythmoor GC Hyacinth
DD: Camanna AL Hopes Gabrielle

Indian Acres JD Swiss Miss

ADGA # Pending


SS: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip

S: Old Mountain Farm Edwin Jones

SD: Old Mountain Farm Lena Horn

DS: NC Promisedland RC Salvatore

D: Proctor Hill Farm SV Juniper

DD: Piddlin Acres BZ Willowbark

U P Pride Hannah

Light Buckskin

AGS # D-73399

DOB: 3-26-14

SS: NS Tamarack's 

S: Heidi's Mini Acres TAM Willy

SD: Heidi's Mini Acres Carolyn

DS: Grasse Acres White Casper

D: Snowdrift Meadow's Beauty

DD: Happy Tailz BB Painted Lady

Equanimity's JB Sunflower

Red with Blue Eyes

ADGA # D1775537

DOB: 3-6-13

SS: Old Mountain Farm John David

S: Hyalite Jackson Brown

SD: On Firestone Creek S BeeCeeCee

DS: AGS Brush Creeks RBL InSandrasHonor

D: KW Farms SH Honeysuckle

DD: Poppy Patch BAM Adora Belle

Equanimity's Marjorie

Cou Clair with random White


DOB: 2013

SS: CU At Lil'Red Barn Ticket To Persia

S: MT Rivendells T2P Mordor

SD: CU At Lil'Red Barn Jada

DS: Lost Valley ML Rupert

D: Egidio Lynn

DD: Gypsy Moon SS Gothic Lolita

Rhythmic Acres Grey Dawn

Broken Chocolate Roan

ADGA # Pending

DOB: 6/4/16

SS: Sugar Creek WM You Bet

S: Rhythmic Acres Hip Hop Kid Rock
SD: SG Maple Ridge Melody

DS: CU AT LIL' Red Barn Uno
D: Rhythmic Acres Sunrise
DD: Sugar Creek WF Yarn Ball