Welcome to our new and improved website! Please bear with us as we continue to add our goats to the site and additional information.

Rock-N-Ridge was founded in 2011 in Michigan's beautiful Eastern Upper Peninsula from our love for these tiny but mighty Nigerians. In the beginning I just knew that I wanted goats in my life, but after a lot of research I settled on the Nigerian being the perfect breed. I needed a loving breed that would be easy to handle with a calm temperament. They don't have the ability to fill the bucket as much as standard breeds but that is perfect for my family. Their milk is rich, creamy and high in butter fat. Great for drinking, baking, butter making and of course soap!

Our Nigerians come in a wide variety of colors. We do have blue eyes, moonspots, polled and wattle genetics, however we put  conformation and udder genetics first and foremost. We are striving to build a correct and sound conformation, with high and well attached udders. We are also working on increasing teat size throughout our genetics as well to combat those pesky small Nigerian teats.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or interest in any of our available goats!