Nigerian Bucks

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Rhythmic Acres Wager's Legend

S: MI Sugarcreek Wager on Me

D: Heart-n-Hand Holler Abbey

Zanzabeez TS Feelin' Tataki

S: Buttin'Heads Tastin' Sashimi

D: Flat Rocks Andromeda

Rock-N-Ridge O2Be Ares

S: Kei-Ju Farm O 2 Be Like Me

D: Rhythmic Acres Cosmic Stardust

Rock-N-Ridge Calamity Flynn

S: Rock-N-Ridge Tennessee Whiskey

D: Rock-N-Ridge Luck of the Irish


Rock-N-Ridge OA Loki's Mischief

S: Rock-N-Ridge O2Be Ares

D: Rhythmic Acres Irish Mist